First, Let’s Clear Something Up – I’m Not A Sith

Let me first clear something up because when I initially chose my online handle, I thought I was being pretty clever with a play on words.  I didn’t think far enough ahead and it never even entered my head that people might think that I’m a Star Wars fan.  Because I’m not.  At all.  I hate Star Wars.  There’s only one “Return” and it ain’t of the Jedi, it’s of the King.  I disagree Randall Graves.

Right, so my name is Kate (obviously) and I’m an uber Final Fantasy geek.  In Final Fantasy 7 there’s a character (a little cat dude who rides a giant plushie Moogle) who is called Cait Sith.  I disagree with the people in the world who pronounce his name “Cat” – because evidently they have trouble spelling the word “cat” which doesn’t have an “i” in it.  I believe the spelling “Cait” (a variant of the usual spelling “Kate”) has an Irish heritage behind it.  Anyway, I digress.  I thought, since I love Final Fantasy 7 so much and Cait Sith is such an awesome character that I’d steal his name for myself and mix it up a bit by playing on the words and using my own spelling of the name “Kate”.  Hence “Kate Sith”.

This little dude is now the bane of my life.

What I didn’t think about after setting it all up was that people might read the word “Sith”, have never played FF7 and automatically (and reasonably) assume that the Sith is a Star Wars reference.

So to clear that up – it’s not a Star Wars reference.  It’s a Final Fantasy reference to an awesome little cat dude who rides a Moogle.

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