A Most Bodacious Present!!

543ed-img_20180608_195836Imagine my most excellent reaction when the Postie knocked on our door the other day and handed Dave a parcel, which he then gave to me.

Upon opening said parcel, I uncovered something amazing.  A limited edition Bill and Ted figure set (complete with cardboard phonebooth if you could be bothered to make it up – I did, obvs).

Bill and Ted was such a massive film favourite of me and my sister that we would watch ‘Excellent Adventure’ like 9 times a day, every day (for what probably ended up being about 3 years).  The relief on my mum’s face when the VHS finally gave up the ghost and refused to play anymore was absolutely apparent.

In fact, now I think about it, those movies are probably the reason I say “dude” so much.  And I think I probably say it around 50 times a day.

If anyone is super jealous (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t be) and wants this most bodacious set, you pick the epic duo up from Amazon and if you’re feeling really flush and particularly saucy, they also do a Rufus doll to complete the collection.  It’s on my Christmas miracle list.  If you’re interested.

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