Kate’s Diary – Monday 11th June 2018 – The Goddamned Fish Tank

Journal Entry Featured PostDear Diary,

It’s 8:36am on Monday morning.  It’s the first day of my week’s holiday off work.  I decided I needed to recharge my batteries and chill out, spend some time relaxing and just doing whatever I wanted.  I specifically told myself “balls to the housework” and that I would spend every day playing games or catching up on my Netflix shows (The Last Kingdom is getting really good now).

As of 8:38am I have hoovered downstairs, put the washing away, changed the cat litter, cleaned the kitchen and have showered and dressed and dried my hair.  Sighhhhhh.  God damn you OCD, you cruel bastard.  What my original plan was, was for me to still be sound asleep right now, catching some z’s, snuggled in bed with my kitty (not a euphemism).

I can’t venture out the house today because my boyfriend (out of the blue) ordered a new fish tank on the weekend and it’s being delivered today.  Personally I don’t like having fish because the theory is that they are supposed to be calming and peaceful to watch.  The actuality is that they fight.  A lot.  And it stresses me out trying to watch TV AND look out for their welfare since both TV and fish tank are in my field of vision.  It’s the total opposite of therapeutic.

Before I delve into the world of games today (and I was actually thinking about playing Little Big Planet) I think I’m going to make some soy candles.  It’s been a while since I’ve made any and the Yankee candles I had have ran out now and I’ll be buggered if I’m paying Yankee prices for some new ones when I can make my own.  Think I’ll go for cinnamon scent.

Watched a bit of E3 last night with the other half in bed.  We tuned in just in time to watch Bethesda’s Fallout preview.  I’m so stoked for it, I LOVE Fallout.  And to see the world after all the fallout has nearly gone and the blue sky is back will be super exciting.  I can’t wait!  Think I will be watching some more E3 today and maybe streaming it too so if anyone sees me live and fancies hanging out at pretend E3 (my games room) then feel free to stop by.

Please do.  I get lonely.

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