Some Minor Upcycling…

So my boyfriend Dave got a fish tank a while ago. It wasn’t a very big one and I hated it from the start anyway, so you can imagine how annoyed I was when he told me he’d ordered a bigger one and a stand to match it. AND he ordered black – I hate black furniture, it’s far too modern for my house’s current theme.

Turns out, after seriously underpreparing for a 5k run on Wednesday, he was a bit stiff on Thursday and while he was putting the new fish tank stand together, he tripped over the cat and “ironing boarded” (as he put it) straight into the new stand, whereupon the main support promptly snapped, rendering the entire stand utterly useless. He said he was lying on the floor in a mass of bits of wood, so angry at what he’d done, but too stiff to move properly so he couldn’t get up, and just lay there fuming like an overturned turtle.

So he now has a different tank and stand that is slightly smaller and a wooden colour instead of black, so it’s appeased me slightly. Although it did mean we had to rearrange the living room.

Anyway I digress. Our current TV stand and end table are a boring brown wood colour, you can get them from any old B&M and I’ve been begging him to paint them ever since I got them and saw someone’s post on Instagram where they had painted theirs and it looked amazing. He refused every time, saying it would look rubbish.

I like to think that since he let me design and implement the current styles and colours to our house from top to bottom and I think it looks really original and cool, that he now has a bit of confidence in my judgement. So we bought the paint and he upcycled my boring old furniture.

I wanted a shabby chic sort of feel, the same as the lady on Instagram had, so we chose a chalky finish paint.

These shades were £12 from Wilko.

It took really well to the wood and only needed one coat. The Instagram lady had some kind of diamond door knobs on her unit but it wasn’t really my style, I’m not into glittery and diamonds so I trawled eBay and Amazon and found these wicked little ceramic Alice in Wonderland themed cupboard handles that came as a set of six and each had a different picture from an Alice scene.

These quirky little gems were £16 from Amazon

To be honest, I thought they were a little pricey, but they really finish it off and it does look really cool.

I changed the handles on the end table next to the armchair too but after long deliberation we decided that painting the drawers to that grey as well was a bit overkill and I’m not a big fan of symmetry and completely matching furniture. I like everything to have a little bit of personality by being slightly different. It was already an old and worn looking expensive end table that I got as a hand me down from my dad when he moved out so we decided it was in keeping with the shabby chic theme and only changed the handles and left the paintwork as it was, looking old and worn.

I bought a new lamp and a wall clock to finish the room off. Dave thinks the wall clock is far too big but it kind of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland as well because of all the wonky numbers and I love it anyway so it’s on the wall and it’s staying there.

The lamp I actually just settled on. I’m not in love with it like I am with my little hedgehog lamp and this is mostly because whilst it has a little bit of personality, it’s not vintage or second hand because I bought it brand new. Which means a multitude of people probably have the exact same lamp, therefore it lacks the originality that the other things in my living room have, like my little hedgehog lamp, bought second hand from eBay, straight out of 1980 and my retro (and completely vintage) coffee table which I expect is circa 1950 to 1960.

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