Co-Writers Wanted!

Co-WritersIt’s always great to meet new people.  I love reading blogs and reading up on peoples’ thoughts, likes, loves, hates and general interests.  I would really love to combine those two by having some co-writers join this blog and post about anything and everything they can think of!

As you’ve probably already noticed, I don’t have a theme to this blog, it’s just random posts with random topics, whatever I come across that takes my interest that particular day.  Due to the fact I’m pretty impulsive and spontaneous, posts here can be few and far between so I’d really love to have as many people as would like, join up and post your thoughts, loves/hates and general craic and keep this blog fresh and full of new posts.

If anyone is interested in this, feel free to contact me in any number of ways, from leaving a comment on this post, hitting me up on Twitter / Twitch / Instagram.

I’m really looking forward to reading any posts.  I’ve already had one response so you should be seeing some new short story content very soon!  Watch this space!

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