Andrew Alita was only twelve years old when his life broke into pieces. He was a sick kid who didnt have a whole lot of friends. Countless times in his life he spent months on end it hospital beds around the Northeastern Ohio region. If it wasn’t pneumonia, it was a broken bone, or some virus sweeping the area.

For most other kids it would have made school difficult, but it was never a problem for Andrew. He never got held back a grade, even with his large absence rate. But, thus particular day was in July. It wasn’t hospital bad today, but when he couldn’t go with his family to eat that night. It was just more video game time in Andrew’s mind.

One it got dark, he started to worry why no one was home yet. He made his way to the landline in the kitchen and tried his father’s cellphone. There was no answer, and he found the same with his mother’s. He tried to dismiss the thought and go back to his game, but something deep down kept grasping at his attention. That’s when the cop cars and an ambulance went down the road that the Alita family lived on.

Andrew’s heart held on to slender hope that it had nothing to do with him, but even at 12, he knew this not to be the case. He took off out of his front door, and ran barefoot down the road after the police. He didn’t have to go very far. The scene opened slowly infront of him.

The mass of metal resembled a globe more than a car. It had apparently lost traction on the slick tar road, and spin until it met a tree with the front bumper. That in itself wouldn’t have been fatal, but something had ignited the gasoline in the tank. Andrew was later told that his family had died instantly, as if it was suppose to bring the child some solice. It never did.

The smell hit him before anything else, and caused him to lose what little he was able to keep down. He darted around police and EMT’s until he was inside the yellow tape. Gravity thickened around him as he approached the wreckage, and brought him to his knees. Andrew’s mind started processing the information with all possible power it possessed. It doused his hearing, took away his touch, and focused it all on the image infront of him. He looked down to his hands which were gripping his father’s bule Nokia phone.

That’s the day something inside of him broke. An evil born deep in his being that would crumble the little patchwork on sanity he would cling on to. An EMT put a hand on the child’s shoulder and attempted to move his away from the gruesome scene of gore and metal scrap. Andrew let out a guttural scream that could only be described later as animalistic. He thrashed at the man before returning to the scene. When adults finally got him to look away, they noticed his pupils had completely eclipsed his eyes. Seconds later he feel unconcious.

My name is Gareth James. I’m 24 years old, and I work on a golf course in North Eastern Florida. I’ve always had a large passion for writing, and I have finally come to a point where I can hold something I wrote in my hands. I’m hoping that introducing you guys to some back story of the characters in my book will bring you incite into the essence of the story. And hopefully make you guys want to share this adventures of Andrew Alita with me. I have to thank Kate for inviting me to write on the blog, and share this with all of you. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.

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