Sara Aquilla

Sara Aquilla was the product of a beautiful women from a prominent family in a city near Akron Ohio. Sara never got to know the women well, because her mother died when she was just a year old. Her mother was donating her time to a soup kitchen down town, when a group of unknown people shot up the church she was in. It was a horrific scene with over a dozen being brought out in bags.

Police were hard pressed to find any information on the shooters, and the case went cold. It floated to the bottom of an ever increasing list of gang related shootings in the city. Later in life Sara took solice in the fact that she was so young. She thought it was better to lose without understanding you ever had something to begin with. It was a much healthier approach than the poor girls father.

Alexander will get his own story in these pages, but he hold the key to Sara’s issues in the present. Alexander only had two people that he loved more than any in the world. His wife was the second of the two he met in the United States. Later in his life he had anything he could ever imagine, but never can fill the hole his wife’s murder left inside him. After her death he refused to acknowledge her exsistance completely. Not even telling her only daughter her name.

A year later, Alexander moved with his daughter to Miami Florida. The other precious person to the Aquilla family visited with his family every summer. When Sara turned 6 a dear family friend gave her a picture of her mother, and sent the girl into an astounding depression. The next few years Sara was arrested for grand theft auto at the age of 8. Arrested for smoking marijuana at school when she was 11. Finally at 13 years old, her life made a drastic turn.

Her father didn’t say much before they left Miami. Only that something horrible had happened. They packed up their house, and moved back to the same little town in Ohio where tragedy had torn apart Sara’s family. The night they arrived, Sara saw a gruesome scene magnify in her father’s front windshield.

There was a car burning and charred on the side of the road. There were cops everywhere, and Sara had to take it all in bit by bit. Finally it struck her that the car was familiar to her. It was the same kind of car the family of her oldest friend had driven. Without a thought, she ran from her father’s vehicle and darted under the police tape. Face to face she hoped she was crazy, but finally there his face loomed in a ambulance. Sara ran to him and threw herself into him.

“Andrew what happened, what is going on”

Andrew said nothing did nothing. Alexander walked up behind the two young children, bonded in agony for the rest of their lives. Alexander walked away with a police officer to fill out some paper work, but Sara wouldn’t leave Andrew’s chest. She sobbed loudly into his gotten shirt. Finally Andrew moved his hand, only to stroke Sara’s hair.

“Everything is gone but you Sara, and you have to stay forever now” Andrew said without any emotion in his face or voice.

Sorry this one got rushed guys. Things are pretty busy today but I want to get something out now for you guys to read. I really hope you guys enjoy.

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