Hump Day!! – August 29, 2018

Hey all!

Sorry I’ve been slacking on posting, but let me recap my past few weeks and you’ll understand.

So, the week before school, I found out that my financial aid was revoked because I’ve been taking too long to finish school. So that was terrible. I had to appeal that and it’s delayed getting my loans. Loans that I was counting on to pay bills and debt with so I’ve been stressing about that for the past two weeks. Luckily, I found out today that my appeal was approved so now I just have to get at least a C in all of my classes and I’ll continue getting financial aid. *phew*

Then, school started. And that was a whole new level of chaos and three days of class in and I am already feeling lost and overwhelmed by my classes and I’m super nervous for this semester.

THEN, I got a job. Which is a huge relief because it has good hours, okay pay, and benefits like health insurance and paid time off which is amazing.

So…amidst all this, life has been crazy. I’m slowly falling into a set schedule of things, but I’ve had to completely change to being a morning person from being a total night owl, and it’s left me a bit exhausted so streaming has fallen by the wayside today.

But things are shaping up. I have a job that should be able to pay all my bills which is a huge relief and I’m developing an actual schedule to my life so I can start fitting in streaming more regularly and hopefully getting back to regularly posting on here.

But ya. Things have been crazy.

So, just thought I’d pass an update on to all of you guys. You’re all amazing and wonderful 🙂

Till next time!!

Pam out!

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