Retro & Quirky Kitchen Stuffs

I’m such a sucker for kitchen appliances and nik naks.  I probably change my appliances every six months at least.  I was previously over the moon with my knock-off Smeg kettle purchase, only to discover that you really do only get what you pay for and the lid kept popping open randomly.  It was a “scald someone to death at some point” accident just waiting to happen.  I knew this.  But it looked pretty.  And I thought, I know first aid.  I’ll deal with the scald whilst having a pretty kitchen appliance.  I’m an idiot.  I also just kept my hand on the lid whenever I poured the water.  Not exactly the workaround I would have liked.  Anyhow, I digress.

We popped in to Asda for some essentials and happened upon the cutest little coffee, tea and sugar set.  Not that I have an obsession for foxes or anything but I do have a cute little throw cushion and a fox shaped door stop.  They just add a bit of character to the home and I instantly wanted these.

Some may say tacky, I say “character”.

We also found a matching set of tea towels and an oven glove to complete this little set.

What does the fox say? It says “you’ve got a cute AF kitchen mate”
I can’t even.  Just adorable.

My boyfriend had never experienced the world of Dunelm before so we popped in today.  He walked around touching everything and even rushed towards one of those headless mannequin things that no one is really sure if they are used for actual embroidery and sewing purposes or if it’s just for show, randomly in a room, and isn’t meant to be used.  He yelled, “look Kate!  An apothecary thingy!”.  I face palmed and said, “I think you mean an embroidery thingy – unless you’re planning on using it to create potions?”.

You’ve all seen my kitchen, in my previous posts I’m sure.  It’s not really your usual, run of the mill style kitchen.  I went for slightly brighter than pastel, hues of blue, green and cream.  I wanted to throw pink in there too but I just couldn’t put Dave through that.  He might want to invite his friends over one day. 

I ventured for a retro theme, Smeg inspired, but you know, for poor people who can’t afford Smeg (or buy Smeg knock-offs from eBay).  All of my appliances were from the Swan Retro Collection.  Even the pans and mug-tree.  Don’t be sold by a name.  They didn’t last five minutes.  We actually only have the microwave left, everything else went in the bin after the paint flaked or got burned etc.

I’m absolutely in love with retro style which has a bit of quirkiness about it.  So I fell deeply in love with this kettle.  Yes.  I’m sad, I know this.

The retro love of my life.  In sunshine yellow, no less.

My kitchen currently lacks a sunshine yellow and we thought it would bring a nice little burst of colour into the pastel.  Plus I was mostly sold by the adorable little temperature gauge.

These kitchen-character-building-essential-appliances came in a selection of colours (green, yellow, cream and blue – no pink that I could see, sorry) and were part of a collection set which also included toasters.  Sadly, these appliances were a grand total of £40 each, which I thought fairly steep given that they are only Dunelm brand, so unfortunately, despite giving serious consideration into selling a kidney or part of my liver (to which I concluded that neither organ was in “saleable” condition), I couldn’t afford the toaster as well as the kettle and had to make a life decision on which was a bigger part of my life – tea or toast.  And I ended up with the kettle.

A darling little thing, despite being bias toward right-handed people who don’t suffer from temperature-gauges-only-being-on-side based OCD.

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