Kate’s Diary – Sunday 9th December – Amazing how a little bot can bring people together

It’s amazing how a little music can truly be the therapy one needs.  Right now, I’m sat in a Discord server of only four people.  It’s our little sanctuary, a safe haven where we can come without feeling like we’re going to type anything that’s going to offend or upset anyone.  A place where we know that whenever we hear that little “gling” sound that means someone is online, it’s going to be one of four of our best friends.  We’re like the Three Musketeers and D’Artangnan.  There’s no pressure.  

I’m also part of a much larger server (also extremely cool and full of people I love dearly) and one time I bitched and complained about us not all being able to listen to music together.  The server mod made all (well one) of my dreams come true when he introduced RhythmBot into our server under a “Karaoke” voice channel (Lyke, you little genius).

I brought RhythmBot into our little server.  Two of our Musketeers and D’Artagnan (so named for his unpredictability) are currently adding a variety of songs to the playlist (Stance just added Vengaboys – fucking genius, although I’m concerned about his love for Scooter) and instantly, no matter how down any of us were (me mainly, due to having to go to work tomorrow), everything seems awesome.  Which, you know, it should be, cos it’s Christmas and that’s how it’s supposed to feel isn’t it?

I want things to be this way forever.  I never want this to end.

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