About Me

Hey! My name is Kate and I’m a 32 year old gamer, blogger, reader and general nerd. I mostly play fantasy games, although I’ve been playing through ‘Until Dawn’ a lot lately because I like the odd bit of horror now and again (if I’m brave enough to play it!).

Favourite games are Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Age, Dragon’s Dogma, Fallout and the Elder Scrolls series. I play a lot of Elder Scrolls Online too. I mostly stream PS4, although I’m way more of an Xbox girl (I just can’t seem to convince my friends to buy Xboxes so if I wanna play games with them I have to buy the PS4 versions) and I also own a PC.

When I’m not gaming I’m reading or blogging or cuddling up with my cats. Yes, I’m a crazy cat lady. So sue me.