Game Review: A Hat In Time (spoilers)

So, last month, I bought the Humble Bundle August bundle and it came with Conan: Exiles (which you can find Kate's review of here), The Escapists 2 (which I have yet to play) and A Hat in Time. A Hat in Time is on the surface an adorable, kid friendly game starring a cute little … Continue reading Game Review: A Hat In Time (spoilers)

Coffee and Thoughts – July 26th

Well, I'm back fully online after half a week of living in a Fireworks tent. Literally, sleeping, eating, and just being there 24/7, minus running home to shower every night. It was painful. But, several bruised knees and sore muscles later, everything is packed up and I am DONE! So, for the first time this … Continue reading Coffee and Thoughts – July 26th