Coffee and Thoughts – August 1

Whale guys, it’s a new month.

And let me just say: July SUCKED!

Between living in a fireworks tent and dealing with an egotistical parent making my life miserable, it was a terrible month. And it seems it may have been that way for more than just me.

But, today is a fresh start.

So let’s put the past behind us, Hakuna Matata style, and look to the future.

I’m starting off the month with a brand new living situation, I got approved for the university scholarship I’d been waiting to see about, and I’ve had an awesome day with all of my online and IRL friends.

All of this has combined to give me hope for a spectacular August! And while it may not end as great as it has started, I have all the hope that it will be amazing and I can only hope it is fantastic for everyone.

Let’s have a better month guys, here’s to August!