Netflix’s ‘The Ted Bundy Tapes’ shows us a guy we think can’t possibly be a killer

I’ve been watching the ‘Ted Bundy Tapes’ on Netflix. Now, Netflix did say to people “don’t watch this alone!”, like it was terrifying and you wouldn’t sleep at night afterwards. However, being someone who has always been completely intrigued by the criminal mind, this was not a documentary I was going to pass up.

Ted Bundy has always interested me because he’s not your average serial killer. He doesn’t look scary or crazy. I mean, check out Charles Manson. I mean seriously, go watch a YouTube video. The man makes zero sense when he talks. He can barely string a coherent sentence together. And his eyes scream, “I don’t even know I’m on planet Earth right now”. He looks nuts. Ted was clean cut, polite, well mannered and well educated. I know he was charged with killing all those women. I know this. But if he told me he didn’t do it, he’s so convincing that I would believe him. That’s what makes Ted Bundy special. Killers have followed in Ted’s footsteps who have been charming and disarming and this is now a fairly well known common trait found in psychopaths.

The ‘Ted Bundy Tapes’ allows viewers to listen to Ted’s story, almost from his own point of view. A psychology student, Ted was asked to describe the actions of the killer (he maintained his innocence for a while) as he saw it. He was seen as almost talking about himself in the third person, rather than profiling the killer. He describes seeing the women as rather a means to an end, in this case, that end being sexual gratification. His problem however, was that after he had achieved this end through violent sexual means he then had to get rid of the evidence, or the victim would then run away and he’d be busted, right? So in his head, killing them and disposing of the evidence was his only option. Why he didn’t just find a girl who was into bondage or hire a hooker that enjoyed being strangled for fun, is beyond me. These girls DO exist (no I’m not volunteering and no this is not something I personally would enjoy).

Ted was a bit of a chameleon. He could look different in every photo. This sounds odd but I also have a friend who doesn’t even need to change his hair and still manages to look totally different in every photo I have. Ted however, used this to blend in and maintain a sort of anonymity.

During the disappearances of Janice Ott and Denise Naslund, eye witnesses described seeing both girls talking to a man and overhearing the name “Ted”. What strikes me as extremely odd however is the police sketch of the suspect, as identified by the victims. The suspect is pictured with distinctly blonde hair. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but it would be very very difficult to mistake Ted’s hair as blonde. It is extremely dark. This would surely be one of the first things people notice, is the colour of someone’s hair or their clothing. Is it possible that the witnesses were so wrong about Ted’s hair colour when they saw him talking to Janice and Denise? I personally don’t think so. I am swayed to this even moreso by the fact that when shown a photograph of Ted, seven of the eight witnesses said that the man they saw most positively was not Ted. Could Ted have used his chameleon-like abilities to blend in and confuse these witnesses or were the girls talking to a different man altogether.

Netflix, for reasons unknown, have left out the perhaps overly graphic details of Ted’s necrophilia after the murders. It does not mention that after sexually assaulting the girls, sodomising some of them, and killing them, he then kept the bodies in the woods and frequently revisited them, performing sexual acts with the corpses until decomposition made this impossible. He also kept the heads of several of the girls at his apartment, before taking them back to the woods and dumping them.

How much of this confession was true, we will never know as Ted kept much to himself and liked attention from the press, so it’s entirely possible he fabricated macabre stories to reignite that media attention, we will never know, as Ted was taken to the electric chair in 1989 and an end was put to his terrifying reign.

Netflix takes us through some in depth and interesting insight into Ted’s murder spree, mainly from his own perspective, which was incredibly interesting, however I feel a bit like he was glamorised and without knowing what I know about the sexually assaults and necrophilia, you could almost believe he wasn’t that bad of a guy…

Kate’s Diary – I think 2019 is my year

Wow! What a year 2018 was. Last January I swear I said, “2018 is my year”. It wasn’t. I lost a grandparent, my car died on me, we had vets bills coming out of our arse for our anxiety ridden cat (what the hell he thinks he has to worry about is beyond me) and Dave lost his dad. I also ended up in hospital with health issues brought on by work and all the other stress we were going through. To summarise, 2018 was really really awful. I did however, make a multitude of absolutely amazing friends last year, including my now best friend Jay. These people are truly a godsend to me (yes, I’m also including you in this Gods) and I am so thankful for them having came into my life. I once felt alone but now I am surrounded by all these wonderful people that I can’t help but gush about every single day.

That being said, I do think 2019 is our year. I think this year is going to be full of positivity, happiness and maybe even a little of financial gain. Our jobs (mine and Dave’s) are looking promising, we’re working hard on our little house, I finally have a (half) reliable car and I am starting the year full of positive thoughts. I realise that we’re only on day three of the year, but upon recommendation from a friend, I have invested in a year planner that’s a little different.

One of my streamer friends recommended this website to me, to buy a 2019 journal that was a bit different. This one helps you make (and keep to) goals and practise stress management and maintaining upbeat, positive thinking. I will admit that it was a little pricey for me and when I looked at the images, the journals themselves seemed a little bland to me. I really liked the idea of them though so I hit up Amazon and came across this rather more appealing little number. It was a bit more colourful and the different, jazzy layout appealed to me a lot more than the first ones. I thought perhaps adding my motivational cat stickers that I bought on eBay a couple weeks ago would really make it enjoying to write in and update daily and that would help keep me in a routine of updating it, which in turn would keep me in a routine for the best mindset.

It’s arriving tomorrow so I’ll be posting a blog shortly all about it.

The Chronicles of Kate_Sith and Novadoam: The Giant Teapot and Pyromaniacs

Journal Entry #4 (10/12/2125)

Turns out it really does make tea.  But not like, big cups or anything.  Just regular ones.

Wow!  Today we went to visit the World’s Largest Teapot.  I read about it in a magazine once, it was an old one, from well before the Vault was in operation.  A tourist-y one, you know the sort.  About giant balls of yarn, the world’s biggest Swiss cheese and the world’s tallest stripper pole.  That sort of thing.  Well, maybe not the last one.  If there was one, I’d have found it 😉

Anyway.  We saw the picture on our map and just had to go.  I was a bit disappointed because I kind of was hoping to get a nice hot cuppa.  I did come out with a novelty teapot though.  That actually didn’t even remotely resemble the giant one.  Again, another disappointment.  We were set upon by dogs and radroaches too.  “Protecting the giant teapot”.  As if it was much use anymore.  We did get it working actually and we got a few cups to take away.  Mine went cold though.  And Nova spilled one of his.

Venturing westward, a bar caught my eye (of course).  It was called ‘The Rusty Pick’ and apparently used to be a cool place for miners to go hang out.  Sadly, the only miners that were hanging out there anymore were Nova (get it, “minor”, cos he’s a youngun, ha ha, I kill me) and these weird oversized mole things with tentacles coming out of their faces.  Creepy as fuck.  Seriously.  I felt like we were being chased by a fat, old, hairy, Predator (you know, from those ollllllld movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger in).  It even had a gauntlet, just like Predator.  But it wasn’t as quick.  And I fired a load into its fucking creepy-ass head. 

Actually, we found a secret entrance in the bar that led down to what I can only describe as the would-be Gates of Hell.  We played ‘The Floor is Lava’.  Because it really was.  We didn’t find much except a bunch of dead firefighters and a butt-load of Scorched (also creepy-ass mofos).  I thought Novadoam would have really enjoyed being down there because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about him, it’s that he’s an utter pyromaniac.  He refuses to leave a single car standing and insists on blowing every single one to smithereens.  Whether or not I am standing close by.  The amount of Stimpaks I’ve gone through is unreal.  But it keeps him happy.  And I’ve a responsibility to the guy, ever since his parents dumped him on my doorstep.  Or rather the Vault’s doorstep.  God only knows where he’s from or what his backstory is.  I don’t ask.  I just know that blowing things up makes him happy and that’s enough for me.

Look at my little pyro go.  Bless him.
One of the things we saw whilst down in the secret mine.  Unpleasant, to say the least.

The Chronicles of Kate_Sith and Novadoam: The Haunted Cabins

Journal Entry #3 07/12/2025)

Today we found an old campsite built into the treetops.  It was pretty genius. We didn’t find any people though, just an old letter telling us that raiders had came and everyone had to escape.  They relocated to some cabins in the forest not far away. I wanted to find them. I noticed some cabins marked on my map close by and started off in that direction.

The ground was shaking, there was screaming and Novadoam didn’t believe me.

The cabins looked like they had once been a cosy retreat but were now eerie and empty.  The whole place looked like the set of a horror movie so I’ll admit I was a bit afraid. I started to walk towards a podium under a welcome sign and heard a bloodcurdling scream.  I spun around and out of the corner of my eye, through the open window of one of the cabins, I swear I saw a picture on the wall move. I instantly shut up talking and just made small whimpering sounds over our intercom.  I approached the podium, upon which was a guest book with only a few entries. A couple of happy campers saying they would definitely be returning to the cabins for a holiday. A bored sounding entry from people who said there was nothing to do.  An angry entry from a customer who claimed the place was dirty and full of rubbish. And an entry talking about screams coming from the forest, earthquakes, bears and pictures moving…

I found my small, scared voice, begging Nova to come to me before I went any further.  He asked what the problem was and I said I thought the cabins were haunted. He replied, “oh wow that sounds awesome, I’m on my way!”.  I rolled my eyes and waited. The ground started shaking violently, followed by another, longer, scream from the forest, prompting me to urge Nova to hurry up.  He arrived and the noises stopped. He said he didn’t hear anything and nothing was happening. He started searching the cabins. One of the doors closed behind him.  I don’t think he noticed. I did. The ground shook again and the scream was longer, louder and more desperate than ever. We both went silent. Nova took off into the forest, searching for the source of the screams.

We got separated at some point and I came across a treehouse in the forest nearby.  I climbed the ladder and found a lone terminal. I sat down and searched it. There was an option for “Lure Creatures”.  I clicked it and instantly heard Nova say, “Oh my god, there’s ghouls everywhere and they’re coming at me!!”. Oops! I clicked the option again – “Off”.  There were other options there. “Close cabin doors, simulate earthquake, rotate pictures, turn sounds on”. I hit each option and sent Nova back to the cabins to see if the pictures rotated and doors closed when I pressed the options.  They did. I started laughing at how foolish I’d been, being so scared at what was obviously a prankster’s paradise. We spent a while longer playing with it all and looking for any records or journals detailing what prompted any of it. There were none…

The Chronicles of Kate_Sith and Novadoam: Facing off with a Deathclaw

Journal Entry #2 (06/12/2102)

Scary stuff happened today!  We were checking the map of Appalachia and saw a big fish in one of the rivers on the western side of the map.  I thought maybe it was some sort of legendary creature and suggested we had a look. Nova wasn’t wearing his power armour today (I think he’s trying to preserve fusion cores for when we really need the protection).

We were chatting as we made our way towards the little island and everything looked fairly peaceful until our HUDs informed us that we had landed on ‘Deathclaw Island’.  Both of us went instantly silent and I could tell Nova was just as scared as I was. We hadn’t encountered any Deathclaws since leaving the vault, but we had found some old journals and having read them, decided that a Deathclaw was definitely not something we wanted to bump into, on a dark night or otherwise.

Tentatively we walked forward and the tiny little island seemed deserted.  We found several skeletons who it appeared had died whilst having a picnic.  Whether this was the result of a Deathclaw, the bombs, bad pickle sandwiches or utter boredom, we weren’t sure.  Novadoam had left his carbon dating kit back at the vault and it was too late to go back there now that the air supply had been shut off.  We breathed a sigh of relief and were just about to comment on what a lovely picnic area it once must have been when the ground started shaking violently and we looked up over the small hill to see the Deathclaw himself thundering over the hill towards us.  Well, I confess, I soiled myself. We both screamed (Nova’s scream is a lot girlier than mine and I would have laughed if it were any other non life-or-death scenario) and I ran in the opposite direction. Nova wasn’t far behind me and I had already swam through the irradiated water to the other side of the river before I heard him say, “I think I can take him”.  My heart dropped and I looked over the island to see my little Nova and the Deathclaw facing off. He raised his gun and dropped some shots point blank in its face. It swiped back, tearing into my little brother and I could see the damage was obvious. Nova used a nearby rock for defense and ran around it in almost helpless circles, being chased by the beast, all the while shooting it.  I started shooting from the bank but the range on my hunting rifle wasn’t the best and I’m not sure I even did any damage. After a while, with a cry of victory, Novadoam stood proudly over the vanquished Deathclaw. My hero!

He scared the shit out me.  Genuinely.  I sharted.

The Chronicles of Kate_Sith and Novadoam: Adventures in the Wasteland

[Having recently made our way out of Vault 76, myself and darling Novadoam have been exploring the vast wastelands of Appalachia.  I have decided to chronicle our adventures here on this blog, along with postcard pictures of cool locations we visited. I shall be entitling this – The Chronicles of Kate_Sith and Novadoam. So sue me for originality.]

This is me.  Kate_Sith.  Like the Final Fantasy cat.  Not the Sith Lord.

Journal Entry #1 (03/12/2102)

Today Nova and I came across an old waterpark called Wavy Willards.  I used to love visiting waterparks when I was little. I felt kind of sad that this one, which was once so full of life and love and laughter, was now so empty and void and still.  It was overrun by ghouls and Scorched (of course) but we cleared them out – not that they won’t be back before long. We would have tested out the awesome waterslides, but the water dried up many years ago and when I tried to slide down one, the rubbery material of the butt of my vaultsuit just made me stick to the plastic.  Nova was wearing his power armour which was far too heavy to attempt any slides with. The ghouls didn’t come back while we were there – I think it was because Nova looked so scary in his armour. He’s not really scary though, he’s a big softie. And also a crack shot. He’s a one shot kill, headshot kind of guy and I’m glad he’s by my side keeping my ass safe from monsters whilst I’m rooting for junk to upgrade our C.A.M.P.

It’s a good thing there was no water or Novadoam would have sank.

Kate’s Diary – Sunday 9th December – Amazing how a little bot can bring people together

It’s amazing how a little music can truly be the therapy one needs.  Right now, I’m sat in a Discord server of only four people.  It’s our little sanctuary, a safe haven where we can come without feeling like we’re going to type anything that’s going to offend or upset anyone.  A place where we know that whenever we hear that little “gling” sound that means someone is online, it’s going to be one of four of our best friends.  We’re like the Three Musketeers and D’Artangnan.  There’s no pressure.  

I’m also part of a much larger server (also extremely cool and full of people I love dearly) and one time I bitched and complained about us not all being able to listen to music together.  The server mod made all (well one) of my dreams come true when he introduced RhythmBot into our server under a “Karaoke” voice channel (Lyke, you little genius).

I brought RhythmBot into our little server.  Two of our Musketeers and D’Artagnan (so named for his unpredictability) are currently adding a variety of songs to the playlist (Stance just added Vengaboys – fucking genius, although I’m concerned about his love for Scooter) and instantly, no matter how down any of us were (me mainly, due to having to go to work tomorrow), everything seems awesome.  Which, you know, it should be, cos it’s Christmas and that’s how it’s supposed to feel isn’t it?

I want things to be this way forever.  I never want this to end.