Retro & Quirky Kitchen Stuffs

I'm such a sucker for kitchen appliances and nik naks.  I probably change my appliances every six months at least.  I was previously over the moon with my knock-off Smeg kettle purchase, only to discover that you really do only get what you pay for and the lid kept popping open randomly.  It was a "scald … Continue reading Retro & Quirky Kitchen Stuffs

Painting the Girl Cave (Not a Euphemism)

I'm terrible for changing my mind.  I used to do my dad's head in by rearranging the entire downstairs of our house on a regular basis.  He would come home from work and go to put the TV on, only for it to have reappeared at the opposite side of the room.  Sometimes I could … Continue reading Painting the Girl Cave (Not a Euphemism)

Home and Living – My Cute Little House

I'm not obsessed with many things in the world.  Only, cats, unicorns, fantasy and my house.  I am obsessed with my house.  Most normal people would ask for make-up/clothes/books/jewellery/gift vouchers for their birthdays and Christmas.  I ask for things like lamps, dinnerware, curtains and duvets. I'm really into cute combined with quirky and when I … Continue reading Home and Living – My Cute Little House