To Live Again and Again – Past Life Regression: Great Imagination or Pseudoscience?

Around fifteen years ago I decided to try out ‘Past Life Regression’ (PLR).  I’d seen tons of stuff on TV about it and I was a bit of a skeptic but I did a bit of searching and found a nice lady who carried out her PLR sessions from her house (which was very nice, in a very nice housing estate) and me and my mum ventured over.  I went in open minded, bearing in mind I had never been hypnotised or regressed or anything like that previously so I really genuinely had no idea how it would go.

The scans you will see next are the original scripture taken down by the therapist’s hand while my session was in progress and I can verify that they are all real, no voice recording needed to be taken because I was conscious as I was saying them and I remember every word and it was all noted down correctly.  These papers have never been seen by any person other than myself and the therapist, until now.


I’ll be honest, I found it really difficult to drift into the hypnosis.  I felt a bit pressured to start “seeing past lives” and I wasn’t sure if I would just start talking randomly, or if pictures would randomly come into my vision, so I sort of stayed quiet waiting for something to happen.  To begin with, I did envision what is noted down, but how much of that was down to pressure and forced imagination I’m not sure.

The later stories really started to get me into it.  There was no effort, I was just talking through a process and I could see places and people in my head and could rhyme off the year, date, location and all the names of the people and the places where I was.  You will note that the therapist also wrote down that my voice even changed to a “southern drawl” at one point.  Please bear in mind I am British.  Not American.

Now again, I’m a history nerd.  I’ve been to a lot of historical places and watched a lot of documentaries.  I could easily have unknowingly retained little bits and pieces and regurgitated this information during my session.  I will say I have a great imagination, however the death scenes I was taken to were extremely vivid for me.  I will also say I have tendencies to have extremely vivid dreams where I can actually feel physical things and I am also a lucid dreamer so can quite often change my dreams (or nightmares usually in my case) to my own making.  So I’m not saying that I was really envisioning a past life I had, it could easily have been an incredibly vivid, lucid and conscious dream, but as I jumped from that medieval tower, I could feel the wind whistling past my face and the cold water as I hit it.  Then nothing.  The life from the 1960’s; I could see my hands in front of my face and blaring headlights from the lorry as it hurtled towards my car dash.  Then blackness.  At neither point in these situations did I feel any pain whatsoever.  Which naturally peaks my skepticism.

I’m aware that PLR is often used in much the same way that ordinary regression is, which is to bring to the conscious surface underlying problems that you may subconsciously have, which may be impacting your life currently.

As you can see from the list of names at the start of the sheet, I have spent a good deal of years obsessing over relationships.  Since I was fifteen, I have only been single for a matter of a couple of months before going into a new relationship.  I am now thirty-two, so two months out of a whole seventeen years is hardly enough time to get my head together and think about my relationships and what I want out of them.

The therapist also expressed to me that this may be the case, that my mind is creating these visions to try and help me understand the underlying problem – that I am afraid to die alone or be alone throughout my life.  I therefore overcompensate for this by never being alone.  Which of course is also unhealthy.

The subject of PLR is always a bit taboo I find and people tend to give me funny looks when I tell them about it.  You see stories on TV where five year old children talk about “past lives” and accurately state dates and names which can be factually checked and are often correct.  I am not disputing that PLR isn’t a real thing.  I’m still open minded about reincarnation in general and the whole subject of PLR.  I have heard too many strange tales to write it off as made up.  My own experience still leaves me confused to this day, wondering whether I have a better imagination than I thought or whether I truly was so alone for so many lives, dying unloved and unmissed.