Can we talk about Fallout?

I’ve been a Fallout fan for many years now after my boyfriend told me I would really like it because I’m pretty history/1940’s/retro/apocalypse mad.  Fallout seemed to be all my favourite things rolled into one giant game so I gave it a go and I’ve never looked back since.  I’ve lost hundreds of hours of my life to this masterpiece series so when ‘Fallout 76’, the latest game, was announced at E3, I had a full on geek orgasm there and then.

To keep me ticking over until 76’s release on November 14th (it’s become a bit of a tradition for me to get Fallout or the latest Elder Scrolls game on or around my birthday, which is November 7th) I’ve started playing ‘Fallout Shelter’, which I played last year on my phone (to death – and may have overspent a lot of my salary buying lunchboxes to see if I could get rare loot drops…) and now I see I can get it on Steam and play it on my PC, so woot!  That’s what I’m doing.  And it’s really making me nostalgic for ‘Fallout 4’…

Right, so anyway, please hype with me – this is what we know about ‘Fallout 76’ so far:

    1. It’s a prequel, so set before all the other Fallout games – the storyline features Vault 76 preparing for “Reclaimation Day” whereupon all the vault dwellers will leave the vault, venture forth above land to “reclaim” the Earth, settle, have babies, what have you, now that the nuclear fallout has settled and it is safe to go outside.
    2. It’s set in West Virginia so will feature some of the West Virginia folklore, such as Mothman (OMG!!) and The Flatwoods Monster.
    3. It’s an online game, with a similar feel to the game ‘Rust’, where players can play solo but can also engage in an online community where you can group up and create clans/tribes/guilds/whatever you want to call it.
    4. The building mode is reminiscent to that of ‘Fallout 4’ settlement creation.  Basically snapping objects to a grid, very easy to get the hang of and pretty expansive.The new graphics, lighting and textures, as displayed in the ‘Fallout 76’ gameplay demo, blow the previous Fallout games out of the ball park.  It just looks beautiful.  And because it’s set a lot earlier than the other Fallout games, we see more green, more plants and flowers, more grass and by the looks of things, the houses are even easier on the eyes because they’ve only been standing abandoned for a few decades as opposed to a few hundred years.
    5. The map is four times larger than ‘Fallout 4’  Which, let’s face it, was quite big.
    6. There probably won’t be support for mods.  Which I’m not to fussed about anyway to be honest.

I. Am. So. Excited!

I might even start a new game on ‘Fallout 4’ just for the craic.  Kinda forgot how many hours of my life I lose to these games…

Fallout Shelter

Until then I’ll relax with a coffee and a bit more ‘Fallout Shelter’.  There’s a chance I might stream some Fallout at some point so if you feel like having a bit of a chin wag, watching me get owned by super mutants, then head on over to my Twitch channel and do me the honour of hanging out with me, or just hit me up on Twitter.  Either way, I would love the pleasure of your company!  See you soon 😉